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What The Heck

A barista against the world

Photo by: Nafinia Putra on Unsplash

This barista was the best.

His brews and creams, above the rest.

He swept, he mopped, he cleaned the pots,

he was assistant manager Scott.

As the days go on and on,

the patrons praised with calls and calls.

The coffee shop that was the ace

had Scott with them to keep the pace.

One day, when the stress was high;

the staff was low, and trouble nigh,

A businessman came in the shop.

The way he moved implied enough.

He was clearly in a rush,

His shirt had sweat around the cuffs.

Scott at the front to take his order,

Making the line shorter, and shorter.

The temper of the businessman grew.

The line in front of him had few

customers who stopped to chat

with Scott, the reason they come back.

The businessman gets to the front

and gives his order very blunt.

But as Scott wrote down what he said,

A new employee also said,

“Hey Scott, come look at this real quick.”

Scott turned his back, the final tick.

The businessman, upset, uncheck,

cocked back and punched Scott in the neck.

Scott looked at him with disbelief

The businessman still had clenched teeth.

But soon enough the cops arrived;

Arrested him, and he did time.

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What The Heck
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