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What Remains

A Past Forgotten, A Future Redeemed

Shattered Lives

My Shattered Past

My Scattered Heart

As I Move Toward

The Light

My Truths are pushed Upward

As they soar on High

These demons take Flight

Trying to grasp at the Truth

while caught in their own web of Lies

Like a Fly on the Wall,

They'd hear my deepest desires, the longing I've had,

For Love

For Happiness

Trying to Twist Reality

into unspeakable Horror

Though, through this Gore,

I stretch forth my hand

As I hear the Band

The Band of Angels

I cry out and Plead

Save me

Save me

Save me from these demons,

Save me from these Woes

Save me from MYSELF!

As my body is thrown,

As I slip away

My final Breath

Is suddenly Redeemed

As the Angels Lead

The Way

to Heavenly Grace.

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What Remains
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