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What Part Was the Worst?

Cut Open


Sit down and tell me the worst

What do you mean to worst part?

I got asked this at 14

The therapist repeated

What was the worst part?

How can explain what I felt

Which dehumanizing part was the worst?

Half expected her to ask my favorite part

Like I could go back to the night

Where I said no & stop

Where someone’s hands were on my body

A father figure trying to make me a mother

Now which was the worst part?

Afterwards while you lay there not understanding

When you wake up with a hole in your stomach

Being afraid that it’ll happen again

Seeing him again

Now what is the worst part?

The inappropriate comments afterwards

The god awful flash backs

Flashbacks oh god

You could be standing at work and all of a sudden it comes swimming in.


Please OUT


Seeing his hands on your body

Feeling his mouth where it shouldn’t be

Tell me again what is the worst part Skylar?

All of it I repeated

Every last second was hell

One in three girls are sexually abused a year, and one in six boys. Now how can we stand for this shit? Before it happened ,I always thought it could never happen to me. Sexual abuse isn’t a joke. It ruins lives and families. And for the victim, it is never over.  

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What Part Was the Worst?
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