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What It Means to Be Me

Dusty and Broken

As the days go by,

it gets harder to lie,

to hope and to feel the precious indents of your skin.

Each time I lie, 

you notice the shriveled up tissues in my pocket and the holes in my heart,

you notice the brokenness in me,

but yet you see the petals that still shine with hope,

 you see that my heart is weary but you still stay,

you see my darkest parts and dustiest nooks and crannies but you still stay.

You think i'm a goddess, 

but I think i'm nothing.

You crave to fix my pain but I crave to feel your soul and put aside my dark ugly heart.

Our worlds collide but fate is what bought us together,

we collide for a reason,

to know each other 100%

to seek what we don't know,

to survive together.

We crave to rest peacefully in hopes and dreams.

I thank you that you want to repair me but I also want to repair you.

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What It Means to Be Me
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