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What Is Love?

Everyone loves the hatred of love.

Is it the hate we have towards love and adore it at the same time?                                   Or is it just an emotion?                                     Is it the thought of you when the sun rises? Or is it the prayer I send to God to keep you safe at all times?                                                   Is it the pattern of my heart against my chest every time I see you?                                 Or is it the thought that losing you would definitely rip my soul apart?                             Is it the butterflies I get whenever I see you?                                                                         Or is love affinity?                                               Is love everything that connects two people together?                                                              Or is love a drug?                                                 Is love a good thing that leads to a bad thing but yet it produces good things and blessings?                                                             Or is it the deepest interpersonal affection?                                                              Is it ranging from the most sublime pleasure?                                                               Does love encompass a variety of strong and positive emotional and mental states?    Or is love chemistry?                                        Is love commitment?                                      Or is love infatuation?                                        Is love compatibility?                                        Or is love the most profound feelings and emotions humankind can experience?          Is love giving someone the power to destroy you and trusting them not to?                          Or is love the act of caring and giving to someone else?                                                      Is love nature's way of tricking species to reproduce?                                                            Or is love a horrible disease?                            Is it just a blessing?                                              Or is love giving everything you have and not expecting anything in return?                    Is love a word used by many but only understood by a few?                                        Or is love the reason people kill themselves?                                                         Is love the reason people choose to live when everything isn't going right?                  Or is love the natural chemical blending of unrelated feelings that one holds towards another?                                                               Is it the way my heart drums madly against my chest every time I see you?                         Or is it the feeling of captivation, admiration, and aliveness?                                Is love so passionate yet so alive?                    Or is love just indescribable but still even if it's indescribable love doesn't need to involve any physical violence or any claim of some sort towards the person you love...   Love love love 👻❤️ a powerful four letter word

By Sanda M💐💖

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What Is Love?
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