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What Is Love?

Midnight Thoughts

what is love?

Is it the faint whisper, on the trees

floating through the air

getting caught on the breeze.

Sometimes, when i sit in my little corner

I find myself wondering what it means to me.


Is it poison?

Is it hope?

Is it warm like blood

rushing out your heart,

when you let the truth out, be bold.

fight your fears, hoping that 

you'll find your polarity,

A means to find a better signal

to uncover your dreams.


Can it heal?

Would it break me, shake me,

Confuse me, 

Suddenly I'm in pain.

Bad memories come back to haunt

like a cool breeze, calm before the storm.

But like nature, I can easily switch and reform.

No one never knowing what will come.


What are you?

One day, you bring joy

the next, you disappear

Leaving this shocked girl to clean up

locking back hope into her closet.

Trying to forget, re-step, over assess

The damage, taking her mind off things

That might make her regress back to depress.

A Vicious cycle, no one seems to regret.


What is love?

True Love,

the one that makes you dance in rain

not afraid of the fiery flame

but at peace with the fact that,

 happy finally found me.

I'm not sure what love is

Or If, I'll even recognize its face when I find it.

But one day when I look through

the stained, window pane, and I feel free

I would write a poem.

about how the birds, trees and bees

reacted to its touch, when I finally heard love's knock

on my door.

I'll write of my experience, hoping and praying.

One day, Love will find yours.

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What Is Love?
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