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What Is Life?

I wish I knew.

It's a big question.

Such a big question that could have so many possible answers, it's not even funny,

Maybe there is some huge scientific explanation or maybe it's just whatever you think it is, maybe there isn't a single possible answer.

Maybe it's just a pointless question.

So, what is life?

Is it the miracle that stuff started growing on this planet and eventually we were created. Is it just something that happens. Is it just what we make it? Do we define it with our own lives.

Maybe life is something we earned, maybe the stars and the constellations decided that our planet needed something, 

The cosmos saw everything that could possibly happen and handed us life.

Maybe a god, or goddess decided to make this happen, maybe they didn't want to be alone anymore.

Is life our lives, is the answer to what is life...my life? The things I do, people I meet and places I go.

Is it the flowers in fields, fish in seas, birds in the skies? Is it happy, sad, mellow, excited? Is it red, orange, blue, purple or green.

What is life?

What is it to me.... what is it to you?

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s b
s b

i write stories, poetry and articles about things that i care about. hope you enjoy. if not, that sucks for me but i like writing so i'll continue anyway :)

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What Is Life?
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