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What Is It Good For?

Found Poem, Created from David Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas"

Wars do not combust without warning.

They begin as little fires over the horizon.

The threat of violence, diplomacy,

it mops up war's spillages-

gives the strong state means to impose its will.

Wars approach. Another war is always coming.

They are never properly extinguished.

What sparks wars? This dreadful will,

merely human nature inflated to monstrous proportions.

Laws are written by war. What of diplomacy?

Only professional diplomats view diplomacy as

a long term substitute for war.

War is one of humanity's eternal companions.

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Kiersten Fox
Kiersten Fox

A junior at Central Michigan University, my life is submerged in a love of literature; I'm constantly searching for new ways to challenge myself and develop new skills. Thank you for exploring my work, any and all feedback is welcome!

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What Is It Good For?
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