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What If?

A Poem About Reflection

What if I had turned back that day

Made a quick U-Turn at the beginning

What if I had walked alone

Instead of with the devil

What if I had ran from his hands

Before he slipped through mine

What if I had stood my ground

Instead of crumbling at my own feet

What if I had ignored that call

Made him the one with no voice

What if I had held my own door

Instead of letting stereotypes win me over

What if I had taken the veil from my eyes

Before he placed one on the everyone else

What if I had spoken up

Instead of silently carrying his guilt

What if I had left after the first 2nd chance

Made him the fool

What if I had moved far away

Instead of staying on his radar

What if I had enjoyed my youth—

Before it was ripped from under my feet

What if I had demanded respect

Instead of crawling on my knees begging for it

What if I had turned off my phone

Made myself the sum of my experiences

What if I had trusted my instincts

Instead of losing everything

What if I had noticed the devil still on my back

Before he was at my throat

What if I had fought back

Instead of simply accepting defeat

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What If?
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