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What Do You Do?


Peace and Blessings

What do you do

When you are confused?

Do you turn on the stereo

and play the blues?

Do you cop a bag and blaze a jay?

Do you pop a bottle and just parlay?

Those are some things people choose to do these days.

But the best thing to do is get on your knees and


Once you do that

get back in focus

and stay on track.

It doesn't matter what you may

think you lack.

When you know that the Creator

has your back,

the confusion starts to disappear

You begin to see your life

more clear.

No more being down in the dumps for you

as long as you stay true.

So let me ask you

What do you do when confused?

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Arkita Hammond
Arkita Hammond

I've always loved writing. It allows me to express my inner thoughts. I used to be afraid to let people read my writings because I didn't want to be criticized on something so personal. I'm more open now. Welcome to my Mind!!

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What Do You Do?
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