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What About You?

Thoughts about us, you, and me.

What about poetry?

What about love and loss?

Is there in this world someone who can transcend life,

As the one considered to have not lived a life?

We are born, struggle, love, fight, cry, fall and rise.

We keep looking for that happiness everyone talks about

But few have experienced.

My life is a drama I myself write every day a part.

My drama is something I cherish.

Yes I like exclamation marks and repetitions

Yes I like sighings and looking up to the sky

Closing doors with a harsh caress of the hand

Life, I try every day to get to understand its purpose

Some say that we are there for a reason

Others will say we are there for no reason

What are we then? Spectators? Authors?

We are both but we all seek recognition

I am seeking recognition for my observation

and transcription of life,

I hunger for love, knowledge, and madness,

I crave for fun, passion and a calm breeze.

I want to be somebody and nobody

I want to laugh through the thunder's cry.

I want to run and smash into the storm ahead.

I want to live fully, I want to live on the spot

No more thinking, no more procrastinating,

I want all of everything.

I want a white dress used only once,

I want someone to dance with till the end,

Through the tempest and in the singing sun

I want a rose from you on my chest

Cause that's all I need for my last rest. 

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What About You?
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