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“We’ll Always Be Listening”

In Response to Michael Cirelli’s “The Types of Silence We’re Giving up for You”

I can feel you,

Your ear to my chest

With the expectation of

That steady heart beat the doctor waits for

When he says breath in…

and out.

Sometimes, that alone is too loud,

A constant noise in the background,

A reminder that it is not easy to be silent,

In a world which expects so much noise.

You say you’ll always be listening,

But with an expectation of happiness,

And silence has never seemed to be

The affirmation you have wanted to hear.

Expectation molds reality and,

“Happiness isn’t silent, and

Shouldn’t you see a doctor, and

We’re just trying to do what’s best, and”

All I can hear is noise,

In a moment which was perfect for silence.

Yet, I’ll sit here and wait, on this cold hard table,

While you expect an echoing diagnoses.

But, amongst the commotion of your expectations

I can’t help but notice the deafening silence

When the doctor says breath in…

And out.

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“We’ll Always Be Listening”
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