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We Three Brothers

And the Routes They Took

We three brothers went separate ways 

Through life we plunged, sifting through the maze 

One of us, led to instruct youthful minds

One of us, moved to provide therapy, reading doctoral signs 

One of us, inspired to advise college students 

All of us, in our work, fluent  

Mother and Father would never have known

Until we three brothers were up and grown

It is interesting how different biological brothers can be

All unique and free 

We three brothers all found wives 

For meaningful relationships we all had drives 

We three brothers all became fathers 

All of us doting on our daughters 

For holidays we three brothers sit and watch 

As all the little cousins play hopscotch 

This is the life to be had 

For as we watch we three brothers are certainly glad

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We Three Brothers
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