Kanysha Campbell
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We Made It

A Poem

We dwell on the negative and mock the positive and wonder why there's never any progress. We run from ourselves and from our fear, we repeat it over and over, "the end is near." When will the time come when our legs will stop moving and our sprint turns into a jog, then slows into a walk, until we finally stand still. When will we win? The people who have struggled and begged and bled. So now we shed tears, for the years that have been wasted, being wasted, trying to forget all the pain and sorrow, hoping for a better tomorrow, knowing it’s never going to come, now we feel dumb, wishing for something to change and praying that maybe it will rain, still trying to chase away this pain. We dropped to our knees, praying for death to take us away; damn this pain! Because for people like us, it takes over our hearts, corrupts our souls, we will never truly be whole. We live in a world that that curses our existence and we fight for a life that doesn’t want us. So, what's the fuss? If we slice a vein or shoot the gun, remember, that’s on us. All you can do is get down on your knees and clasp your fists, deciding to mumble a quick devotion because you feel ashamed, you don’t want our blood on your hands. But if you really cared. you would stand and feel love instead of pity, we could save cities and then conquer countries, to save all the children and even the adults, who try so hard just to give up. But we must realize, that if they can't fight for themselves, then it becomes our duty, to heal, and not let them kill, even if it is themselves, because we are all one people, all one nation, and by the power of God, we can say that we made it.

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We Made It
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