We'll Make the World Explode

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Hand in hand.

Aura to aura.

We'll acquire the strength to antagonize the Earth.

Our essence compile to rid the palisades.

Pieces of our lives that we once had before float through the dense air.

Pushed and pulled via gravity's grace.

Entwined, let us conspire for the good of us.

Abandoned dispositions wither into a diaphanous decay.

Take your sorrows to the ends of the earth.

Impel them into the far reaches of the stars.

Then fall back into my embrace.

I'll forever keep you under my reverence.

I can't help but succumb to the enchantment you bestow.

Do not deteriorate, for I will not bury you.

Do not wane.

I will revive you, cauterize you.

Your afflictions become my casualties.

Place your most ambrosial of dreams, memories, amongst my care.

I'll hold them rapturously as our hearts beat in unison to stoke the flames that shall lick this world.

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We'll Make the World Explode
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