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We Grew Apart

We wish certain people were still in our lives but people grow and change and that's the natural way of life.

The way the smell of moss clung to the air in the humid rain in the morning when the sun was barely awake,

That was what I fell in love with.

The way the mist laid a blanket over the pond as we sat on a wooden bench under the pine tree we used to take everyone to skip class,

That's what I fell in love with.

The way the cup burned at our favorite twenty-four hour cafe with friends graffiting the rotting tables and listening to Mac Demarco,

That’s what I fell in love with.

I was in love with how everyone held crystals while drunk on cheap vodka

And how we read tarot cards in the winter and how death was the first card I pulled which made sense to everyone but me

And how we found spirituality together on a couch

And questioned the concepts of society and wanted to build a new planet where our all rights were all equal

I was in love with the Halloween night where we drove when we shouldn’t have and crashed a party only one of us was invited to

And I remember the spinning lights and judgemental faces as we lacked a single care

I was in love with the people I abandoned for emotional intoxication of the mind

Now so much time has passed and the courses of our lives have changed but this is to those who knew my true nature

And to those times I won’t ever say goodbye.

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We Grew Apart
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