We Are All Souls in a Vessel—That Is All

We are us.

Can't let these thoughtless thoughts

Spew through my mind

Talk my depression down

One pill at a time

Can't let my heart

Race race stop and repeat

Won't let this anxiety

Force me off beat

I'm a perfectionist

I'm a hot mess

I may not be perfect

But I'm more than a diagnosis

A strong human being

Valid thoughts and feelings

Balancing everything

Working my ass off

Just to be happy

Unappreciated misunderstood

"Full of shit"


"Mentally unstable"

Ignoring the uneducated

Living day by day

Living life and smiling

Too bad for the dragging

The dragging emotions

Living by the seasons

Black dress men's tie

Gender norms

Out the door

So damn sorry

For the "damn eye sore"

Get a conscience, blind your eyes

Learn to see with your hearts sight

Call me gay cause I'd marry a guy

Damn right I'm gay

Overjoyed, Dontfull of life

Going to adapt a baby boy

Our vows are the same

Love and Commitment

Till death do us part

Are we all so different?

Don't like it, don't look

It's really that simple

But I promise you this

Loves not skin thick

I joined the parade, I'm proud to be gay

Proposed to my man the very next day

Going on a rant?

Hell yeah I am

Rather be ignored and passionate

Than passionate and silent

These truths that I know

They need to be spoken

I'm not just a mental state

Seen more than just a vessel

Love who I love

Without the label

Call me what you want

But the truth still remains

"Happy and peaceful"

"I am who I am"

"Free of my own labels"

Made friends with my demons

Made sense of my past

Here and now

I'll stand as I am. 

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We Are All Souls in a Vessel—That Is All
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