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Way Out Where the Redwoods Grow

A Descriptive Poem about the Redwood Forests from a Poet's Point of View

How magnificent those giants are!

Towering tall in effort to reach a star.

Sway gracefully in the breeze,

Creaking ominously as the wind flees.

Oh just to climb this enormous column!

His poise is always strong yet solemn.

His branches spread vastly abroad,

All we can do is stand back awed!

The strength of his is mighty, yet he is calm.

Gracefully and lovely as a palm.

Though storms blow violently through out the years,

Mister Redwood has stood through his fears.

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Autumn Brown
Autumn Brown

I'm a new author starting here to practice my writing. If you like what you read please share with friends on social media or send a tip if you wish:) Your support is always welcome.Thanks again!

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Way Out Where the Redwoods Grow
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