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Waxing Poetically

You can't touch me.

sometimes it seems to be

that everyone turns against me

I don't know why

I just sigh

and continue waxing poetically

I can't keep things in

and I don't have to sin

I sit and observe

and gasp at the nerve

It rips my heart in two

to become friends with you and you

and you and you and you

only to be accused of doing

something I didn't do

I'll sit in confidence

until I'm out of this trance

fully and completely

waxing poetically

You do it your way

I'll do it mine

I'll follow the lord

he'll make me shine

tired of hypocrites

that think they don't have smelly shits

Don't try it

it won't work

you can't change

what will be rearranged

my destiny

is to be me

you can't touch me

I'm waxing poetically...

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Waxing Poetically
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