Taylor Nelson
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Waters of Rage

"I am angry."

I am angry. 

I’m angry with you. Why is that so hard to say? 

Because society has trained us to keep our emotions bottled up,

It’s insane of us to not let anything spill out.

I won’t keep my anger in the storm clouds any longer. 

I’m going to let it pour like never before, out of my eyes and mouth, 

My nostrils and ears I’m going to let it hit you like a tsunami hits a small village and let it pillage your body, 

Gush down into your lungs and let it flood your heart so you know, that I am angry.

With every rain droplet, every tear that I set upon you, 

Be swept closer to understanding that it’s a sad thing to be angry. 

To be overflowing with so much rage you could drown any moment, 

You’re broken, and no one can see it unless you show them.

Open your eyes, and through the murky water you’ll see how bad you hurt me.

I became everything I thought you would me to be

But at every opportunity you chose to ignore my pleas. 

It was always a game of sink or swim with you, but I had weights around my ankles. 

Didn’t you see me? Didn’t you think that maybe you should free me?

Before it was too late and I was waterlogged 

And my clear vision was fogged by a red haze of anger slowly dragging me further from dry land like an anchor.

I know that you aren’t even aware. 

Can’t see the tempest you’ve inspired. 

Did you wonder what lay beneath the surface? 

I would’ve told you if only you’d inquired. 

I suppose it’s a breed of pathetic to be so apoplectic while you keep your cool.

If it’s true that anger’s for the mentally weak, 

I guess you should color me a fool. 

Because I am angry. 

But you know what? I don’t need your apology. 

And it’s too bad there isn’t technology 

To take us back to the calm before the storm. 

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Waters of Rage
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