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Water Before Land

Nature Poem, Entertainment

To start I'd like to take a few minutes to say that our world is so consumed into the technologies we have now, and we seem to be forgetting about the natural beauty of our home, often forgetting to take a step back, and enjoy what we have. That being said, I'd like to remind you to do just that. Take a step back, open your eyes, take a breath, enjoy the smells, sounds, and tastes of our world. Life's too short, so open your heart, make some memories, explore, and maybe learn something along the way. I hope you all enjoy.

Crashing down on the sandy shores pushing and pulling on the earth's crust. Gulls scream as they hunt for their next meal. Providing home to an array of marine life. Children play in my cool waves trying to escape from the hot sun above. Boats cross me, coming from places unseen, bringing goods to all the corners of the world. The world below my surface is far different from the world above, the world below is more breathtaking then you could ever imagine. Old boats sunken with odds and ends of the past. Stroms cross my crashing wave. The smell of the fresh air, and salt dances around in the wind. So much of my being is still undiscovered. Myths, and lore about mythical creatures, and grate beasts. Little girls dream of becoming mermaids, swimming with the dolphins and fish. Boys playing make believe that they are pirates, and they search for treasures below my clear and murky waters. Old messages in bottles wash around the waves and sea foam, waiting to be discovered by someone special. 

Many creatures call me home swimming and playing growing and reproducing. Trying to survive this world where humans rule the land and water. Fisherman harvest from my water. I'm important but often taken for granted and forgotten.

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Foster KittenGaming
Foster KittenGaming

I'm a passionate person who loves the outdoors, as well as staying up late and playing video games, reading, writing, arts and crafts, cooking, dancing like nobody is watching, and singing along to my favorite songs. 

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Water Before Land
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