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"Addicted to you"

I want to get wasted and faded off your kisses while your heartbeat is in unison with mine.

I need to feel you, I want you to feel me understand this desire that has my body on fire when you enter the room is it love or lust?

Maybe it's too soon to know, but I can't help this new love glow that has me on a natural high that leads me to the notion of wondering if you were sent to me as a blessing or lesson. 

Whatever it is, my beautiful king I'm not stressing, I want to live in the moments as I smell the scent of your cologne when you wrap your arms around me and I feel your hands caress my back while whispering how much you missed me and stare in my eyes while softly kissing me. 

Sometimes I lay deep in thought thinking of you, wondering if all your dreams are coming true and if today you needed my words to reassure you that all is going to work out or just needed my arms around you to let you know someone has your back even when the world turns its back on you.

I've become addicted to you, yes you're my addiction. "Shh, don't speak just listen as I pour out my feelings." 

I want to get wasted off of your touch, I need it so much I need to feel you, I need you to feel me as we get wasted off our passion and later lay staring in awe of how we vibe and connect on more than just a physical level. 

Come with me on this ride filled with ecstasy and moments we'll never forget. 

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