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Or More Commonly Known as 'the Closet'

There is no winter wonderland,

There is no wise Cheshire to help you.

There is only cold wooden walls,

There is only you.

The wardrobe will threaten you,

When you’re only six years old.

And you’ll grow up and cling

To every ounce of love you’re given.

Despite your fear, let the wardrobe come near.

At ten, let your crush kiss you

During a precious game of hide and seek.

But make her promise to never tell a soul.

Get your first boyfriend at thirteen,

He’s your best friend, you care for him,

And your inside jokes are what carry you through.

Ignore the weight of the wardrobe on your heart.

When you break up with him,

Cry to the friend you trust the most.

Eat some chocolate and tell her about the wardrobe.

Cry some more when she hugs you in acceptance.

Slowly let your close friends know,

Some will already know about the wardrobe

But all will accept it. You’re lucky

As together, they dispel your fear.

When you reach the point of full self-love,

You will feel confident every day.

No more mind-numbing fear of judgement

No more looking down when there’s a heartless joke.

When you happily can say, ‘hi. I’m gay.’

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