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War Letter

Open Letter to Humanity

Oh, my children why have you left me, your protector, your sister?

I remember the days when you once walked, played, lived among me.

I see those days are no more.

Oh, my brothers my sisters why have you turned against me?

You were supposed to take care of me as you were asked to do.

You are killing your sister, don’t you see?

You are taking every last bit of me, and my spirit is leaving

Why are you killing your sister? Why are you killing your friend?

Days of peace and treaty are now broken

I have been told so by Our Father.

I will shatter your large cities that were once a part of my great body.

I will raise the oceans against you

I will drain the rivers

I will burn this place and fill your lungs with ashes

I will tear chasms and devour what was once mine

I will, I will, I will I promise you

We once shared a bond that couldn’t be broken, but now look what you’ve done?

You take, and take, and take

Now it’s my turn, my turn to live and breathe again  

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War Letter
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