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Wandering One


Photo by Frank Mckenna on Unsplash

Sleep abated a lost cause

the mind dilated, devouring the soul

watching on in unbelief. Wrestless heart

makes a mischievous worker

only to see opportunities grow scarcer.

The mind unsettled matters,

even when no one says anything when the

milk spatters. There's no care,

no words to share.

Judgment scourges the heart,

and turns it black,

it's lights out for the wandering one.

No one knows how much

the pain deepens until

the soul stops breathing.

When will the end come,

the mind asks? It's too far now to see a shrink.

Maybe it's time to find rest for the soul inside the heart.

As it turns out, the one seeking is the one who knows the true

identity of the wandering one.

The lost one is now found.


Living and dying is a reality. What's also real are our emotions. Loneliness is real. Sadness is real. Anger is real. Rage is real. Fear is real. Moreover, the way we express our emotions is the vehicle for change or not.

It's up to us to take notice of our emotions, and that of others. Prevention is better than cure. Lives matter on this side, as much as the next. Life is wholesome, but when the breath leaves the body, the unknown takes over, and we are left to mourn helplessly because we are fighting against the unknown. Know this; life is a vapor. 

So let's make good use of each gallon of fuel life gives us before we're all dried up. May our souls find peace knowing that collectively we can help one another heal. The hard work lies within the individual, the one who wills themselves to the finish line.

Finish strong, friends!

About the Writer:

Crystal E. Melville is a freelance writer, author, poet, Chaplain, Certified Life and Relationship Coach, and Counselor. You may contact her via her website: www.crystalemelville.com. Follow her on social media @BishopMelville on Twitter, and @cemelville on Instagram

Ms. Melville is also CEO of Royal Lineage Media and Productions. 

Check out their Short Film and Family Series "Nurse Angel" below. Don't forget to subscribe to the Channel to watch the entire series unfold.

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Crystal Melville
Crystal Melville

Hi, I'm Crystal Melville! I'm a Chaplain, Certified  Relationship Coach,  Poet, and Writer.  Get to know me better here: www.crystalemelville.com. You may follow me on social media @cemelville on Twitter, and @bishopmelville on Instagram!

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Wandering One
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