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Walking Thru a Meadow

A Poem

Image Via FreeImages.com

Walking thru an empty meadow

Wild flowers and daisy tickle my toes.

I remember you.

Holding my hand, kissing my nose...

He Loves Me, He loves me not

Where do we go from here?

Was it all just pretend?

Everything just seems so unclear...

Walking thru an empty meadow

Spring is over and summer is anew.

I remember you.

And all the sweet things you use to do...

I beneath the shade of a tall tree

Thinking back to the day

If only I had known.

That you were about to go away...

Walking thru an empty meadow

Autumn is in the air.

I remember you.

And think this is so unfair...

My heart may never heal.

From the pain you left me with.

If only you had known

now it wouldn't just be a myth...

Walking thru and empty meadow

Winter blasting its harsh breath

I remember you.

Now nothings left...

Sadly I leave the meadow.

All the flowers have died.

Turned black and frozen

just like my heart inside...

Michelle Tiffany

February 26th, 2008

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Walking Thru a Meadow
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