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Walking Through Heaven

His first tear

While the moon steadily rises across the country side, I keep my breaths shallow. Walking across an empty field is one of the most haunting feelings; you know that the earth stretches out for miles in front of you, yet as the fog rolls in you feel as though you may soon reach the edge-of-the-earth.

The stars are dazzling. There are millions of them, and I can see the milky way an unfathomable distance away—but I can't stop to look, not yet.

The field has led to a long, downhill, winding path with tall bushes to my left and trees to my right. My lamp is lighting the way forward, but the further I go, the more the fog rolls in.

I keep on walking and I can hear sheep in the distance. The more I listen, the more I hear. There are some crickets in the bushes next to me; in the field behind me I can hear tiny calves calling for their mothers. I can hear swooping high above my head and I know that the bats are out. There's so much, yet as I get near everything goes silent...

I release a breath I hadn't known I was holding in as I arrive at my place. This was where I could just... be. I lay down on the dry earth and cushion my head on my rolled up jacket. I'm right next to the path so I won't get lost, and about five feet away is a tiny river with a pattering waterfall.

"It's amazing, isn't it?"

I'd almost forgotten that my partner was walking beside me.

"Yeah; why'd you think I've been coming here since I was a toddler?"

He smiles and clumsily lays down beside me—I can feel the heat from his body radiating next to me.

"Whoa, you'd never see stars like that in the city. Not with all that..."

He stops to think of the right word, staring into the sky.

"Pollution?" I offer.

"Yeah... that's it."

He budges closer to me so that our arms are just touching. Everything is so blissful. So perfect.

I look over to him and see a tear roll out of his eyes. I've never seen him cry...

We stay there, in perfect silence, until the stars begin to fade.

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Walking Through Heaven
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