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Walking on Egg Shells

This poem is about wasting your time on someone who twisted your words into their own meaning. It’s about being around someone who you have to constantly censor yourself around.

I walked on eggshells to be your friend.

You are insecure and overly emotional.

You do not embrace my words of wisdom.

You insist I am wrong,

When I know I am right.

I have never been one to tell people what they want to hear.

I will give my honest opinion.

I am not blinded by the views of others.

I see the big picture.

You battle me about everything.

You dump poison into peaceful waters.

Why can't you agree to disagree?

Why do my opinions upset you?

Why block me from your life?

Because I dared to be right?

I dared to care enough to be honest?

I looked out for you.

I wanted you to have a positive outcome.

I wanted to save you from stress and heartache.

I am the bad guy for having your best interests in mind.

I didn't feed you lies.

I didn't drink the Kool-Aid of the world.

I dared to be different.

I dared to be myself.

I was always myself.

That will never change.

I warned you I am not sugar-coated.

I cut to the chase.

I don't waste my time tippy-toeing around the truth.

I tell it how it is.

I speak out of love.

I never speak out of hate.

If you are going to hate me for who I am that will not change me.

I am over that.

I am over pretending to be someone I am not to please the masses.

Life is too short to walk on broken glass and bite my tongue.

My friendship is not for the thin-skinned.

I battle my own demons.

You will not become one of them.

I will walk away and tell you to have a nice life.

I don't wish you ill.

I wish you happiness.

I won't hate you for turning your back when I need you the most.

I will reach out to those I know will never turn away from me.

Those few friends that actually understand.

And don't judge me when I fall.

My friendship is not for the faint at heart.

I have defended you to others.

I have said give her a chance.

She is back to this land she left so many years ago.

And she needs our acceptance.

She needs friendship and supportive friends.

Divorce hurts.

I refuse to apologize for being me.

That is all I can be.

I am comfortable in my own skin.

I hope you find your way

Through the trail of breadcrumbs, I left in the woods.

I have nothing but love for you.

Our communication broke down

And my words came out wrong.

Keep swimming.

And I am still here if you decide one day you hate me less.

But I will not be a fool and wait around.

I have demons to battle

And army to command

And I am never giving up my own fight.

This Poem is featured in the book "Passing Skeletons".

"Passing Skeletons" is a collection of poetry written by Amanda Zylstra. This collection has various themes including relationships, mental illness, addiction, and death. Each poem is filled with vivid descriptions, metaphors, and truth. This collection contains poetry written over the past 20 years and is the first published collection by this author.

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Walking on Egg Shells
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