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Walking Corpses

A Poem for the Dying Living

Dead Inside by angelhalo777

There are walking corpses among us.

Their hearts beat as their souls die a little every day.

Lost, the only direction they know is the path to their graves.

They will smile as they dig the hole for the long slumber they've been seeking,

burying every dead dream they've ever had with them.

Until they find the solace of their own mortality, these dark creatures will shut their hearts away.

They may bolt their doors when they're not making a living.

They may power off their phones.

The subtle smirk masks their hopelessness.

There is no life in their eyes.

Their silence cocoons them in spiritual isolation.

Their kind do not seek sympathy or pity, only release from their empty existences.

These people will not find themselves in the fog of their lives.

The walking corpses aim to disappear. 

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Walking Corpses
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