Walker World

Traveling Through Her Hands

My engagement day 

What do you feel when you touch her hands?

nothing I answered, physically I have never felt them,

Because when I touch her I don’t feel her hands,

I feel her beyond her thoughts, I feel her essence, her soul,

I feel her heartbeat, her sorrows and her joyfulness,

Then I absorb them,

To fill myself with her happiness,

And carry her pains and sadnesses,

To make her life easier and simple,

Due to the simplicity of her company,

My entire world is found there.

World which I want to stay forever,

And live there until the light of my eyes extinguish,

To come back into hers.

I say this because she has given the sparkle to my vision,

The light of my eyes belongs to her,

As to light of the stars belongs to the sky,

As my moon is looking at her smile during the night,

My sun is when she looks at me waking up in the morning,

And that my friend…

It is a walker world, my whole world.

So if you ask me again,

What do I feel when I touch her hands?

I don’t feel her hands,

I feel my world coming back to me. 

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