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Waking the Wild Woman

Into the Light

Waking the Wild Woman 

I am waking

Yes, I am

I am no longer the child born

Nor the woman scorned

I am waking 

Slowly finding self

Aware of my spirit

Uncloaking the façade

No longer needing to fear it

Welcoming the unknown

Wondering out loud

Trepidation set aside

Lifting this leaden cloud

No more hiding

Inviting her out

To breathe the air

Not a whisper, a shout

Not searching, but finding

Not looking, but seeing

Not hearing, but listening

A human being

Yes, I am

I am no longer the child born

Nor the woman scorned

I am waking

I am changing

For the Better

For myself

Without your help

I am waking the wild woman 

Shaking off the mask 

Stepping into the light 

and slipping away from the past 

I am waking 

Kiki Coll
Kiki Coll

  Kiki Coll is a kind hippie with an earth mother’s soul. She enjoys unplanned adventures, familiar music, amateur photography, and manic cupcake baking! Life is all about the frosting! 

Kiki's motto: Love and peace, pass it on!

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Waking the Wild Woman
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