Waking into Reality

An Original Poem

Photo by Sabine van Straaten on Unsplash

As time drags on, the days crawl along and we mistake our pain for joy. We long for what we cannot have and laugh… No pain, no glory.

Fires blaze in the eyes of angels as they shriek and fall to hell. And demons lurk among us as we all try to tell the difference between the sinful and the righteous.

The good and the bad.

The right and the wrong.

We argue over what’s black and what’s white as we wade through a sea of grey. Overwhelmed by temptation as we pray for redemption, all while trying to say that

I am right. And you are wrong.

So while we dream of the future as we dwell on the past, we wonder “where do I belong, in this critical world?”

We’re up to our necks in an ocean of greed. We surround ourselves with nothing but things.

But we always want more.

We’ll stand for anything, or nothing at all. We’ll get angry and fight, and watch the righteous fall…

If we say they’re wrong.

And then we wonder where we went wrong,

When we can no longer sleep,

or dream,

or feel.

When we can no longer tell the difference between what’s authentic and what’s real.

And so we wage wars over what’s wrong and what’s right.

What’s black and what’s white.

Because we don’t know how to see anything else.

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Waking into Reality
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