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In Vain

Love suppressed but never smothered

Embers continue to burn

Feelings hoarded and never shared

Hearts continue to yearn



Patiently waiting

For him to look at me and see

How his love for her is secretly killing me

Seconds, minutes, hours pass

Minutes, hours, days and these feelings continue to last

His hold on me, his secret grip

My heart is bursting with pain

To love someone that loves another 

My God, it's such a great strain



Patiently waiting

for him to look at me and see

To look in my eyes and tell me he loves me

Does he not see the pain that he inflicts?

On my mind, my body, my soul

The pain that continues to grow

and grow

and grow

Does he not see the hurt that he causes?

In my eyes, 

My smile, 

My touch

The hurt that is continually growing and becoming way too much



Patiently waiting

For him to look at me and see

The life we could have had if only he would notice me

A life full of love and happy endings

Love smothered from being suppressed

Embers now burnt to ash

Feelings shared and not returned

Hearts broken and smashed

I waited


patiently waited 

But the time never came

He loved her so deeply

While I loved him in vain.

Edkesha Anderson
Edkesha Anderson

A public admin doctoral student that freelances by night. Writing has always been a part of my life but I've only recently started to take it seriously. I write grants, research, and poetry. Hopefully, I will also add travel to the list.

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