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From The CD 'Perfectly~Imperfect'

reverberation sevasdog

By David S Avner aka Sevasdog

Evil deeds heart of man,

Soul of a woman 

I don’t understand

What makes us evil

What makes us good

It is all so misunderstood

In the mirror my saviour lives

Caught up in the games he wants to give

Every reason to escape his past

Mercy is not behind the glass

I am the victim, we are the slaves

Awaiting the promise of an early grave

Stare at the sky

Search for reasons why

We are all here living

Wasting away

I have a compass that doesn’t face north

But I believe,

I can find my way back

My mind was weakened

For just one moment

Now, the moment has passed

We are the victims

We are the slaves

Awaiting the promise what will be saved

Stare at the sky

We’d search for reasons why

We all here living

Just for today 

Please forgive me, I’m only human

Insane and diseased

By thoughts of power, 

The lust in greed

We are the deadliest of

Nature’s weeds

So dream me not when you’re alone

'Cause in your mind I’ll make a home

Staring at the sky, 

We searched for reasons why

We were all here living

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David Avner
David Avner

been writing words poems and lyrics since i can remember. Music and words are all part of my divine construct. humble that i get to share part of who I am and how i see the world. hope i make you think smile and laugh.

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