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A Journey into Mother Nature

Amongst the trees

I could see divinity and

Chaos dancing in my dreams

And her twisted shapes

Moving through this space

Bringing me to contemplate

What does it mean to be alive today?

For a while I was drifting and fading

From hope I was shifting and wasting

Too slow like I was slipping on pavement

From the blood dripping into the basement

The devil sipping on bits of my soul

As my life was tipping out of control

I couldn't feel right at home

Because I felt so cold and alone

My heart would remain froze

Then Mother Gaia opened me up

Held me down said enough is enough

You are not corrupt

You were forged from love

As she reached down from up above

Bringing me to a place of unity

Beyond infinity and divinity

To see the unseen and

Feel the serene beyond

My own dreams

She opened my eyes

Made me realize

Life was beyond the prize

Conceived inside the lies

I would tell myself at night

As her warm embrace

Touched my face

I could feel heaven's grace

Body standing in place

Heart and soul in a race

To escape all of this hate

As if it was fate

Love saved me from this place

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