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Image Source: Pexels

Fuck venting

What's the point when no one's actually listening 

Half the people you vent to only wish bad things upon you

Half of them don't care so what's it gonna do anyways

You hold it inside cause that's all you got

Just you, yourself, and nobody else 

You listen to everyone's problems and help solve them 

But who helps you with yours? Are the people you're helping there for you? 

Are they down for you like you are for them? 

In time it'll all be alright

Yeah, Keep telling yourself that shit and it'll be okay 

How can you have anyone when almost all your friends you've trusted have been fake 

Shit most of them don't even ask how you are or how was your day 

Truth be told almost all of the people you got like that, don't have you like that. 

They come around when they need you then leave you hanging when you need someone

but you don't show it. 

Careful kid, don't lose yourself in these moments. 

It's not worth it cause one day all your struggles will be worth it 

And you're just as strong as the ones you help 

So don't look down on yourself 

It'll all be alright 

Don't lose your heart don't let it turn you cold 

Just learn to let the ones who are bad for you, go 


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