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Variation on the Word Love

Series: Infinite Love Poems

Response to Margaret Atwood's "Variation on the Word Sleep"
Written: November 24, 2010

I would like to see you smiling,
just one day and many.
I would like to see you,
smiling. I would like to hold your
hand now, just to prove that
there is meaning when you
smile at me,

and walk with you along that sun
burnt beach of envious faces
with its delicate castles of warm sand,
towards the bench we claim our throne,
towards our sunny future,
which may not happen.

I don't need a diamond
ring, a jeweled promise, the one
gift that would protect us
from the loneliness at the center
of our fears. I would like to lead
you away from those people who
hate, and become
the crutch that would hold you up
indefinitely. A forever friend
in two short words,
sent to remind you, it
wasn't all for nothing.

I would like to know that I won't
be a figment of the past, only,
because I could not stand to be
that unnoticed, and that
all forgotten.

I love you.
I am you.

Bethany Blicq
Bethany Blicq

I am a character and co-author of the greatest story ever Not written. 

I am a member of the Church of Love - our temple is in every heart.

I am here to share my love with the world, to guide and inspire others to find lasting happiness.

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Variation on the Word Love
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