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Vapor and Dust

A Poem

She curls her sandy thighs around the marshes

And ruffles herons’ feathers

With a salty sigh.

Pining for her distant lover,

She laps and whispers of her hunger

To the uncaring shore.

Love might curdle into fury

As a wind, desperate and cold,

Or a churning tempest

Sometimes reveal. But she is patient,

Their love counsels patience,

And she contents herself to dig against

The hateful sands.

Someday she will reach him,

Thrusting azure arms around the basalt

That ponders at his base,

Caressing his granite spires with foamy fingers,

Surging toward his pristine crown of white.

Their love counsels patience,

But promises no eternities.

For one day the sun will burst,

And all love will be consumed,

Sundered into dust and vapor.

Yet she chooses,

With this foreknowledge,

To love anyway, that in time

Vapor and dust

Might find their own. 

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Vapor and Dust
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