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You and me: Us, simply.

It's not the fact of needing you

It's the fact of wanting you

Having you by my side is like carrying a boutique of lavender

And I love it

I love having you  with me

You get me

You know me

Sometimes more than I know myself


I know that sounds insane

Needless to say,

You help me find me.

And that is what I need.

I've spent so much time searching for myself I lost myself deeper in the forest and its dark in here.

You some how help me find my way back,

I thank you for that;

You are my literal other half.

And every love songs makes me think of us, the couples in the movies with the happy endings.

When I think about my future, and how I want it to go there is not a time nor place where you don't belong.

To say we are meant to be is an understatement