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Upon the Ruin

From The Properties of Dust

Fort Stevens State Park. Astoria, Oregon. April 30, 2011 - www.aflitt.com

The wind has died with the sun.

Now the waves lap gently

Against the soft shore.

Before me lies the

Lights and shadows of all expansion

And I upon the heights, looking down

From my perch on the concrete bluffs-

Monuments from a fearful past

Now abandoned. The man-made stone

Cools beneath my tired body

As delicate music drifts on the wind,

Escaping the white washed halls

At my back.

Soon the music stops,

And distant doors slam shut,

And distant dogs call out

As the lights die off,

One by one,

Until nothing is left

But the silent passage of a ferry

In the distance.

View from Ecola Point - Ecola State Park. Oregon. March 27, 2013 -


The Properties of Dust

The Properties of Dust was a small book I put together in 2005 for a desktop publishing class at Portland State University. Many of these pieces were written specifically for the book project, and the rest date back to as early as 1990. The pieces were accompanied by a photo or two in the original book, but, in most cases, I am using different, more recent, photos with this series of posts.


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