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Feeling unwanted, feeling unloved, feeling limited and stuck in my day to day life not being able to go anywhere. Suffocating, not able to breath as I panic and in need of air. Why is this happening to me?! Why do I feel invisible to everyone? Why does no one care about my feelings or ask me how my day was?!

These are the questions I ask everyday as I sit here caged in my own home in my room not able to go when I want, not able to breath freely, not able to catch some fresh air and clear my mind. 

So as I sit condemned to my room with no peace of mind I can hear my inner me screaming for help and wanting to get out. 

My anxiety building with every thought and every breath I take. 

I fight the tears that build up from the hate, the anger, the sadness, the suicidal thoughts, the never-ending maze that I can't escape. 

I'm screaming for someone to help but no one can hear me because it's all in my head and no sound is coming out.

Please, please, please I say. Please help me to be free from this place. I want someone to care and love and experience life with me. Please... That's the words I speak out loud in my mind.

As I come back to reality I realize I'm still here sitting in my room in my bed in complete silence.  

Hoping that one day I will be heard and hoping someone will come to my rescue one day. 

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