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Untitled and Unnecessary

In Honor of a Fool

So the moment our heart and and the night dropped dead

You were still running through my head

And I don't blame you for loving her

Cause I still felt special when you were near

I just never dreamed you would actually leave

Here’s to dancing in the streets

To all my secrets that you keep

To the first time you kissed me

Oh please tell me you’ll miss me

Reckless choices

Wandering around

All the things my youth was about

Only one slow song

A lingering kiss that lasted way too long

All the things that I'll surely miss

But I don't mind no I don't care

If you need me I'll be here

It doesn't bother me that you chose her

They are the cruelest things

Fate and destiny

I just never dreamed you would actually leave

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Leandra Hays
Leandra Hays

Leandra is a melodramatic poet and musician. She writes about anything and everything she has knowledge on, and even things she doesn't! A fan of superfluous words, philosophy, and the darkness of night.

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Untitled and Unnecessary
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