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Last Love

My heart is tattered and torn, and you told me that you couldn't be around me anymore. So I submerged myself into the words, because it was my way of escaping your memory, of escaping the way you made me feel, how you smelled, the sight of your eyes in the sun, and how they seemed to melt. I was so naive to believe every single word that you told me, I was so lost in your promises, and in my own expectations. I swear I'll never forgive myself for that, I swore that I would never fall in love with someone similar to my father, but there you were. So perfectly wrapped, hiding your wickedness inside of your gentlemanly facade, you were like the perfect trap for me, and it took practically nothing. I'm trying not to remain stuck on you, but I fell head over heels in love with you, I only wish that I had known the truth. I wish that I never would have met you, and I wish that you never knew my truth. 

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Abigail Rose
Abigail Rose

I'm 19 years old, and currently residing in Ogden,Utah. I love to write, and it's one of the purest forms of expression to me. All of these poems/stories are about things that have/will happen to me, and it's how I heal. 

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