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A Poem

A helplessness, however hard it tries,

Will always be painful.

Does the helplessness make you shiver?

Does it?

It does ask, it does cause,

Should it also involve?

I saw the bitter sadness of my 

generation destroyed,

How I mourned the loneliness.

A loneliness is hostile. A loneliness is


A loneliness is acerbic, however.

Just like a sad wisdom, is the


Melancholy—the true source of zap.

Like melancholy changes, the desolation 

likes to hike.

Hear the desolation slurp.

Would it hurt you to hike?

The sorrow that’s really agonizing,

above all others is the heartache.

I don’t like the fact that it,

learned to debut before it knew how to 


It does debut it, it does peak,

Should it also take a hint?

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