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Until There Was You

A poem

Until there was you...

I used to dream of the rock and roll life.

Only with the big expensive mansion came a faithful wife.

Where designer clothes, expensive cars and a million material things.

Went hand in hand with my guitar and the fantasy it brings.

The songs I wrote were from the heart but the tune was always off key.

Just like the life I lived it just didn’t make sense until you walked beside me.

And then in the blink of an eye my world changed without warning or clue.

I thought I knew and had experienced it all, until there was you.

The dreams that had lived inside for 26 confusing years.

Were swept away from the shores of emptiness and entwined with new fears.

Beneath the sea of uncertainty, there was a bed of calm.

And a clarity on a meaning of life for me the day you were born.

I wept when you were the size of my forearm and we slowly danced around the room.

For I knew in the blink of an eye you would grow and these moments would be gone too soon

And my dreams of yesterday vanished without regret.

For my world now began and ended with you, sunrise to sunset.

I never again prayed or wished for fame, money or success.

I only prayed then as I do now for your long life, happiness and positive life experience.

And all those things that seemed so important, I let them vanish without a care.

Because I know all that matters is that you know that I will always be there.

Even when you cannot see me you will always feel me near.

I will be that glimmer of hope in the bittersweet taste of your tears.

All the memories we have made will forever pull you through.

Always remember I never understood the meaning of Love until there was you.

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Until There Was You
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