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Until the Sun Gives Out

What will you do?

By Kid Circus

What if the sun didn’t rise today

What if we didn't wake up today

What if we fell asleep

And fell into a place

A place for the dead

What if we couldn't love

What would happen if we couldn't love anything

we would never survive

What do you think would happen

If I died today

What would you say

What would you think

Every little thing is precious

To me, to you, to everyone

We can sin, we can cry, we can fight, 

We can live

We are here together 


Until the end of time

Until the sun is gone

Until we can't wake up anymore

Until we die

We will stand forever together

And we will fight for what we stand for

For what we believe in

Forever, we will change the skies

Until the sun gives out

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Until the Sun Gives Out
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