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Unsuspecting Mockingbird

A Poem About Predator and Prey

There's a killer on the loose

Cat like reflexes, stalks quietly

His prey, like the unnoticing mockingbird

Drunk on her song, has not a clue

Torture, rape, isolation,

and a snap of the frail neck

Can't catch a break

But the cycle is harder to break

She never had a chance

Claws and beak, can't withstand

Duck tape, rope, nor the drugs

Injected. Pliant sex toy, keeps you ohh..

 so docile and quite..

doing what is expected

 a paper doll, no fight, no voice

 Moving on to the next

greyish room, with just a bed

Slimy black mold lines grey bare walls,

sitting dead middle, rusting

 with the tears of past captured beauties

a pedestal of unwanted attention

A metal chair,  a perch just for you

to perform, so sing little mockingbird

For the cat is on the prowl

Feral without feeling

Always searching for the next

unsuspecting naive

little mockingbird bird

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Unsuspecting Mockingbird
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