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A Poem

In the mirage of a dream

I see kaleidoscopes of his face

that I now realize were caused by the tears he caused

from the moment I awoke.

There was nothing more devious

than the underhanded epitome of collaboration

between reality and dream.

My reality had succumbed into the limitless dream of

flying into the arms of a bird.

But that bird wasn't just a bird. It was a nightingale singing

in the form of a dragon, breathing fire full of melodies and poetry.

He was in control of my sleeping universe

and I had no desire to return.

Somehow being stuck into the burning pain of a fire

was better than wondering around the ice-cold sphere

they called Earth.

They blamed me for being in this state-of-mind.

Demanded me to find hope in this world

rather than sleep all day.

But what they don't know is that I have cracked the code of unreality.

I have mastered the secrets of the universe with my brain,

as I have the power, when I close my eyes, to enter into a limitless space of air,

and let myself drift off my cold body

and find my designated lover in the land of clouds.

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