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Unpopular Opinions

Can’t see me

Your mouths like a rifle

With every shot you shoot

There’s a push back

Tell me where exactly are you aiming at

I heard what you said no need to repeat that

Stop getting mad, because I understand the pain that you’re going through

I know you sit there wishing I would pull a you on you

But that shit don’t run through my veins

Ain’t got time for these lames

They all rehearse the same lines when spitting game

I heard it all before

Once I reject them I’m just another “whore”

I’ve been called worse and their opinion is irrelevant

No, I’m not looking for clout but allow me to find you a synonym

Your vocabulary is lacking and it’s dreadful to my ears

Every other word just seems to reappear

Oh you think I’m in tears?

Sorry, I’m a Leo, and this lioness only has one fear

Your words don’t even come near

I don’t condone to the bullshit

I got grown shit to do not kick it with stupids

Excuse me

Oh, I’m offending now?

Seems like you can’t see me but sure hear me past those clouds

Smoking your loud?

You think you doing something with your life now?

That’s cool, I’m busy getting an education and staying stuck in my books

Yup, I see the looks I get

Nope, I ain’t bothered any, I know they’re  admiring my silhouette

Oh, you’re mad because I got shit going for me?

Tough tits hit the kitty up in it, not my problem sis

Just get with it

Feelings? Yeah I have plenty of those

All the way to my toes

There ain’t shit you can expose

Does it hurt me to hear people speaking badly on my name?

I really don’t care because once I’m gone they’ll still be sobbing at my grave

Did I dig too deep?

You can hardly speak

You’re such a phony

God took you out of my life when I thought you were my homie

You don’t know me

You thought you could own me

But looks like you came up short there because of your balogny

Okay, that’s one too many rhymes

Better than speaking too many lies

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