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Unlikely Murderer

Bring back your true beauty.

A stroke of happiness,

A smear of new beginning.

Fading away the old,

Bringing out the new.

A block between reality;

The most unlikely murderer.

Faded red,

Naked brown,

Raven black,

And shimmer white.

A touch of a brush,

Swift movement of a hand.

Killing us off.

A high in demand,

Wanted by all.

A chance to change;

To bring out beauty,

To bring out maturity.

I watch everyday,

As girls start to change.

Each stroke of a brush.

Each touch of colour.

They leave this world,

And join another.

My mom doesn't leave,

Until it's done.

Everyday a new face,

Everyday a new mom.

She says it's for beauty,

But it's really for confidence.

It's the most unlikely killer.

It creates different personalities,

It creates places to hide.

It kills off the young,

Before they have,

A chance to grow.

It creates monsters,

And alter egos.

Everyday a new girl,

Becomes drawn in,

She thinks make-up helps,

But all it does is kill.

Make-up is a murderer.

Kills all that's within.

Breaking true beauty,

Tricking the mind.

Because who doesn't want a doll.

Something you can control.

Something you can change.

Something that has no feelings. 

Something to take granted for.

Because make-up kills,

The good person inside.

Creates a new monster;

A person that hides.

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Unlikely Murderer
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